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Wu-Tang clan’s one of a kind art album ‘Once upon a time in Shaolin’ will finally be sold via online auction house Paddle8. With an auction on the cards for some time now, group mouthpiece RZA explains Wu-tang’s decision to pair with the site noting, “They understand the concept of the new form of art, as well as the classic form of art…¬†Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, should be, and is, considered a piece of modern art.”

Details on the sale are a little sketchy at the moment, which is kind of to be expected with a top secret single-copy album which has been six years in the making and apparently features Cher and the FC Barcelona soccer team. All will become clear on January 28th, when the group plan to hold a press conference explaining proceedings. With rumoured offers of two and five million dollars having being made already, you might be better off just buying ‘A Better Tomorrow‘ and calling it a day.


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