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Yes, Birdman turned ‘Respek’ into a song

The Breakfast Club interview saga's latest instalment

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Was leaving an interview after arriving only two minutes earlier and creating such great controversy his plan all along? Probably not, but the Cash Money co-founder and rapper is definitely rolling with it.

About a week ago Birdman left The Breakfast Club demanding that they put some “respek” on his name, and he seems to have gone and done it for himself. He has decided to capitalise on the inadvertent slogan, making for a new track appropriately titled ‘Respek.’ He also made a promise of a video to come along the way, having already started selling merchandise featuring several other catchphrases as well.


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You can listen to the song below as we await the arrival of its accompanying visuals—maybe it will be shot in a radio booth? And if you missed the (very short) interview, you can check it out here, and prepare to cringe.

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