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Comfort Remixes: Re-imagining the Classics

The adidas ZX 2K Boost remixes a classic silhouette to create something fresh. Acclaim catches up with some our favourite DJs and Producers for their most memorable remixes.

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The new adidas ZX 2K Boost takes elements of a classic kick and remixes them with modern technology to create an iconic new style. In the spirit of reworking the hits, Acclaim explored this concept further by speaking to some of the people at the forefront of Austalia’s club scene, who strive to elevate your dancefloor experience with their arsenal of reworked classics. We caught up with seven of our favourite DJs and producers from around their country to hear stories about their favourite remixes and mash-ups, from tracks they have grown up with, cooked up themselves, or use as tools for tearing up the club.

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01. DJ Smilez (Melbourne)

“One of my favourite mashups I’ve made was ‘Never Too Much’ by Fingazz mashed up with ‘My Type’ by Saweetie. Originally a Luther Vandross track, which has to be one of my favourite records of all time. I wanted to use Fingazz’ g-funk spin to give Saweetie’s hit a classic old school feel.”

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02. Hearteyes (Sydney)

“This Ecco2k flip of Lil Uzi Vert‘s ‘That’s My Rule’ appeared in his Boiler Room set and I’ve been hooked since. I’ve admittedly ripped the audio and have played this out before.”

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03. Soju Gang (Melbourne)

Tupac’s ‘Hit Em Up’ featuring The Outlaws is probably my favourite remix of all time. I grew up listening to this song every single weekend while my family had backyard parties. My dad is a huge 90’s hip-hop man and everyone in my family, including kids as small as 10 know the words to this song – it’s almost like a rite of passage we all had into music. This is a song that was played to me while I was still sleeping in a crib, and was probably one of the first songs I learnt the words to. Even to this day, it’s important to me because of how much I tie it into the idea of family gathering. Originally this was a sample from Dennis Edwards’ ‘Don’t Look Any Further’, but it’s probably more iconic because of the Tupac and Biggie feud. Apparently the story is that Tupac had written ‘Hit Em Up’, word had gotten around about the song; (how it was gonna sound, what he was sampling etc.) and Notorious B.I.G decided he would try to beat Pac at his own game by recording ‘Players Anthem’ with Junior Mafia and releasing it before Pac did so it sounded like Pac copied him. So Tupac heard it, re-recorded ‘Hit Em Up’ directing the new lyrics towards Biggie and his crew, and released the absolute classic we know today!”

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04. Carolina Gasolina (Sydney)

“I absolutely love this flip by Stro Elliot. He released this track as part of his debut LP Stro Elliot and it’s a flip of the classic track by Soul II Soul ‘Back To Life’ which came out in 1989. I try and drop this in my mixes when it feels right! It needs to be done justice because it’s so beautiful and honestly takes me to a place that reminds me how beautiful sound and music can be. I love that he’s made a modern version of a very 80’s track. It’s super soulful, the vocals are amazing and I love when the keys come in. It’s like heaven in my ears. You may have also heard it in Kayne’s Sunday Service at Coachella last year. I think if I was there I would’ve cried. I also love that he played homage to the original band and called the track “Soul II Stro“. It’s the little things, you know?”

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05. Teejae MAI (Melbourne)

“Bay Area rhyme slingers, Luniz kept it reefer real when “I Got 5 On It” hit airwaves in July of 95. The classic debut single reminds us of when you and the homies are waiting for the next payday but lighting a fat one up is the motive, priorities! Fast forward to 2019, the far journey from the sunny West Coast to East is made, when Philadelphia’s Jabair reworks the classic. Melding elements of dusty old-school hip-hop and modern afrobeats, he curates a fire mash-up with Afro B’s club hit ‘Drogba (Joanna)’ and ‘5 On Drogba’ was birthed.

In 2019 there wasn’t a night out where you didn’t hear “Joanna, Jo Jo”, in any type of club. The song was rinsed and every DJ/producer under the sun made their own remix. Despite being completely done with hearing this song in the club, ‘5 on Drogba’ is timeless and a breath of fresh air. I can’t even explain the smile it puts on my heart when I hit play, but the crowds reaction is always priceless. Mic drop”

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06. Dijok MAI (Melbourne)

“The duo of DJ Moma and Guy Furious display the epitome of repurposing and reinventing classic tracks! They’ve revamped hits by Ari Lennox, Rihanna, Partynextdoor, Drake, Masego and so many more. My all-time favourite by the duo is ‘BAKA MAD NICE’ (a remix of Baka Not Nice’s ‘Live Up To My Name’). Their ability to take a hit song and change it into something else entirely fresh and new is incredible. I’ve always been a fan of genres crossing and Moma and Guy have created an effortless concoction of afro and hip-hop here. I love playing this track in our live sets – it’s exhilarating. The room is throbbing with energy the minute the beat drops. The perfect curation of a catchy melody, heavy drums, bouncing bongos and claps get your body moving in ways you didn’t know you could. Big ups to Moma and Guy Furious!”

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07. Dameeela (Brisbane)

“At the time I was getting super into Outkast, listening to this record because of tracks like ‘Roses’ and ‘Hey Ya’, this version of ‘My Favourite Things’ was not like anything I had ever heard before and I was instantly hooked. Of course the original track can be recognised in SO many songs now, me loving it when my primary school friends I would obsess over The Sound of Music to now when I am obsessing over Ariana Grande doing her take on it. Somehow my mind always skips back to this Outkast version. It’s very them in the way it’s super nostalgic using the John Coltrane version, but also very modern and futuristic. Kinda like Flylo now, but made in 2003”

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08. Koda [Tresillo] (Melbourne)

“I love the beat on this remix of Drake’s ‘Jaded’ by Sean Dream, which has been retitled ‘On This Side’. It’s got a Bachata sound to it. I’ve played this song out many times. The special thing about it is that I never really liked the original, but the beat on this edit made me feel the song and lyrics much deeper and now I love the original Drake track.”

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