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Weekly updates

Supreme is a New York institution. There is something about this brand that sends people a little bit nuts. Over the years some of the accessories they’ve released have left us thinking ‘what are these designers smoking?’ (I’m looking at you Supreme dog food bowl) and this year is no different. There is some weird af stuff available and for some reason we want it all. Check out some of the best accessories from the Supreme fall/winter 2016 collection below.

You can check out the brand’s full collection preview and lookbook online.

  • Words: Ella McNicol

01. Longevity Soup Set

This soup set would make eating packet ramen four times a week a lot less sad.

02. Hot water bottle

One of the hottest drops in Supreme’s new collection is this hot water bottle (sorry), perfect for the person who wants to be fashion forward even when curled up in bed with a cold.

03. Spectrum iridescent Zippo

Now this is lit. A fire collab from Supreme and Zippo this funky little lighter is ideal for any durry lover.

04. Let's F*ck Ashtray

This glass ashtray (4″ x 4″) features a graphic of a girl hugging a rabbit in a field and says ‘let’s F*ck!’ in the grass … sorry what? Not sure what Supreme are on about here but then again it probably isn’t even the weirdest thing we’ve seen this drop.

05. Seahorse Keychain

Key to success. This acrylic keychain looks like a drop of water and contains a little seahorse, pretty cute, pretty random. Win, win.

06. The War Report skateboard

This dope board features the original artwork from Capone-N-Noreaga’s 1997 album, The War Report on the deck underside and the musicians tags on the boards surface. Supreme nails another old-school renewal.

07. Blade jointman pin

A joint, wearing a hat, singing some tunes, if this isn’t a fashion essential we don’t know what is. Dank pins for the win. Original artwork by Blade for Supreme.

08. Supreme/UZI Tactical Striker Pen #11

Supreme weaponry, this aluminium striking defender pen is made in collaboration with Israeli firearm brand UZI and is the perfect tool for breaking glass if that’s something you do regularly.

09. Hand Bottle Opener Keychain

This keychain doubles as a bottle opener so you’ll never be stuck with an unopened bev again. Made of nickle, the bottle opener is in an awesomely detailed hand with Supreme emblazoned along the forearm.

010. Brick

Last, but certainly not least is arguably the most talked about piece from this season’s drop, the Supreme brick. There isn’t much to say, it is literally just a brick. Not sure it would be economical to build your whole house with these but maybe you can just chuck one in there.