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7 of the most Tyler items you should pre-order from Golf Wang’s latest collection

He didn't lie when he said he has colourways for years

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After having put on a runway show like no other, Tyler, The Creator is definitely something of a new Oprah. Running around yelling “you get a shoe, you get a shoe” left us wondering if maybe the whole show was put on just so he could satisfy that fantasy that, if we’re being honest, we all have. Yet the swift release of the line for pre-sale reassures us that he definitely is serious about this. The brand Golf Wang might have turned five but the event hosted by Made LA marks their first runway show, and with a bathroom teeth-brushing skit, Tyler made sure we were fully engrossed in his colourful world.

Having made about 40 items of unisex clothing in less than three months, the collection is every bit as colourful and quirky as the 25 year old designers mind. In true Tyler fashion, he touches on trends—but still makes them his own. Check out some of the most Tyler items you can pre-order now in the list below.

01. Missing Jesus Deck 8.5”

Considering the show featured a pretty sweet skateboard ramp, following it up with a skateboard with Jesus on a milk carton seems like the only natural progression. You can cop this one for $50.

02. Smiley Face Dice Yellow/Black

The dice are an odd one for sure, which comes as no surprise. Tyler is just rolling with it after all and these are up for $15.

03. Cheetah Button Up Brown/Black/Pink

A perfect marriage between Tyler’s love for bold patterns and bright polos, this one is online for $110

04. Golf Le Fleur Dad Hat Pink

Golf Le Fleur is also the name of his new shoe line, and after his speech where Tyler spoke on masculinity and the colour pink, these hats are set to go off. “It’s Golf Le Fleur in fucking French and it means flower boy,” he said.

05. Kill Cat Embroidered Sock Black

Listen to ‘Woah’ by Earl Sweatshirt if you didn’t already know that Tyler got “a quarter million off of socks,” but don’t worry they’re not that pricey, as these ones cool it at $12.

06. Box Cutter Keyboard Skin Pink/White

With a keyboard like this, you would probably have to exercise caution when tweeting because your 140 characters might end up looking very Tyler-esque.


07. Gold Zebra Love Tee Cream

Another example of Tyler showing his love for love, this tee features some good Zebra loving and is up for $30.