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Weekly updates

Sunday arvo saw Melbourne store 1st Product and local lads Ruler release their collaborative backpack with Jansport and tomorrow night is Sydney’s turn. Above the Clouds were the boutique chosen to add their design flair to the iconic pack and you can get your hands on the super limited release at the launch tomorrow night (facebook event here).

We shot a few questions over to Dimitri of Above the Clouds about the new release ahead of the launch….

So, how did the collab come about?

I was approached by the Aussie Jansport distributors asking if I would be keen to get involved in the Signature Series program… I couldn’t say no, was a no brainer.

What did you want to achieve with your design?

Simplicity. The idea of our ATC logo next to the Jansport logo on the same backpack was so exciting and something I didn’t think was possible, especially in only our 2nd year. I couldn’t look past it.

How does it feel to be picked out as one of the few retailers internationally to take part in this series?

It feels awesome. I’m only 22 and am still humbled by how far ATC has come let alone working with one of the world’s leading brands.  It is a dream come true, still can’t believe it.

You’re hitting the road with only your Right pack. What are 5 things you would take with you?

Gotta be the iPhone with headphones for music. Probably a Handsom jumper, Moscot sunnies and Moreporks hat at the moment. And then snacks, just in case!

When will the bags be in store and how many are available?

We are having the launch party on the 2nd August starting at 6pm at Above the Clouds. The bags will be available on the night. There are 22, but I gotta cop one, so 21!

Any last words?

Thanks to Jansport for this opportunity, and thanks ACCLAIM for the love! Big things happening at ATC in the near future so keep an eye out.  Oh, and see you at the launch for an ATC x Jansport beer (seriously)…!