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If you come here a lot, you probably already know we’re mad keen on prodigious LA Tumblr photographer Pretty Puke. His ability to commit to the sexually excessive, visceral, post-internet aesthetic while also flexing some pretty great ideas of his own has allowed him work to get expansive coverage as a visual artist and musician.

Any artist with edgy content output will tell you you’re not legit until you get that shit up on a t-shirt and no, Big Cartel doesn’t count. Well, Pukes can relax because alife has picked up two of his shots for a range available now.

The shirts are, content wise, relatively tame. No pumpkin debris vaginas or electric drill tooth surgery to be seen. But there is butts. Oh, how there is butts.

Titled ‘fender bender’ and ‘money maker’, the images are pretty self explanatory (butts on stuff) and are a great way to show your love of anonymous derriere. Good job, Pukes. Now if we could only get your revolving .gif banner on a hoodie.


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