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While Dov Charney was already suspended from his company in June for a myriad of really disgusting reasons, a recent American Apparel internal investigation has concluded that having a CEO who disrespects women on all levels and is accused of committing a particularly monstrous sex crime is probably not great for positive brand recognition and has subsequently pushed for his dismissal.

The reasons given for Charney’s dismissal is ‘alleged misconduct and violations of company policy’. We’re assuming ‘Don’t purposefully hire illegal immigrants, try to choke store managers or force 18-year old workers into sexual acts’ weren’t explicitly written out in company policy but more implied, although that’s probably not very reassuring to the victims of his bizarre, predatory and well documented behaviour.¬†It’s really surprising this hasn’t happened sooner. Even back in 2004, Dov was sliming it up by masturbating openly in front of established journo Claudine Ko¬†during an interview.

Although it’s apparently not related to the internal investigation, Dov has also been caught on camera recently dancing naked in front of two female employees with an unmade bed in the background. One of the girls filmed is clearly uncomfortable with the whole situation and Dov, true to form, blames the girl filming at the end of the clip, uttering “stop it, you’re going to get me in trouble”. The censored vid is in the gallery above if you need visual proof of the former CEO’s uncomfortably indulgent demeanor.

There’s an additional great outcome to this investigation too. Paula Schneider has been presented as Charney’s replacement, officially becoming the first woman at the company’s helm. Hopefully she can incite positive change in a company that since 1991 has been inexplicably popular amongst young men and women who apparently have no problem funding the behaviour of people like Charney and other predatory collaborators. Schneider has flexed her competency as CEO of brands like Warnaco and Gores Group. Admittedly those groups don’t scream ‘hipster cred’ but hopefully neither does Dov’s legacy.

Good luck, Schneider. Hopefully you’re able to turn a lycra-wrapped shit sandwich into a brand worth supporting.