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One Halloween, Trouble Andrew (Trevor Andrew to the authorities) was without a costume so did what any sensible person would do and donned a sheet with holes cut out to see through. This wasn’t just any sheet, it was a Gucci sheet (whether it was real is still debatable) and as he roamed the streets of Manhattan that October 31, GucciGhost was born. Andrew began graffing the cartoon logo around New York, and soon enough, GucciGhost blew up as a true symbol of high-end meeting grunge-street culture.

Now Trouble Andrew’s unofficial Gucci appropriation has made it to official Gucci status. According to Gucci’s website, “The collaboration incorporates GucciGhosts’s street art into Alessandro’s Fall Winter design. The final product is a mix of two cultures-a juxtaposition of the past and the present.”

The range was designed by Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director, and customised with GucciGhost’s designs. The collaboration includes sweaters, tees, bombers, a V-neck jersey, shawls, backpack, a tote, wallets, sneakers and footwear, which all feature that trademark GucciGhost take on the interlocking Gs.

Michele spoke of Andrew saying, “He lives in Brooklyn, he knows Gucci. The way he used the colour, the way he’s translating our power is real.”

Shop the collection here if you got some extra cash lying round.

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  • Words: Ella McNicol

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