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The Rottweiler has been a staple image in Givenchy‘s creative repertoire (remember when Givenchy released those Rottweiler/Madonna iPhone cases?), and their latest release is no exception. For Givenchy’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection, creative director Riccardo Tisci has reimagined the iconic Rottweiler image in a sophisticated way, adorning the outlined print on our favourite wallets, backpacks and apparel. In comparison to Givenchy’s use of the image in the past, it’s quite an understated move. The result? We think it’s a pretty sophisticated twist, and we’re definitely liking the monochromatic aesthetic. I mean, who couldn’t like the simplicity of our favourite dog adorned on the brand’s iconic black backdrop? Side note: a personal favourite has to be that jumper.

Check out the collection in the gallery above, and keep your eyes peeled for the collection to be stocked and in stores sometime this month. Stay tuned.

Weekly updates