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Weekly updates

It’s not often that an event pulls people out of bed before 10am on a Sunday morning but yesterday Sneaker Freaker and New Era drew quite the queue at Melbourne Central’s sky bridge. It’s unsurprising though as these swap meets have become world famous.After two successful years of combining the swap meet with CARBON, 2013 was a total no-brainer. I arrived there just after 10 and couldn’t believe the crowd. Melbourne sneakerheads sure are dedicated (and well-dressed). With the selection that was on hand too, their enthusiasm was certainly rewarded. Everyone I spoke to were veterans to attending swap meets and were just as excited and satisfied at this one as previous years.

Stalls were run by Woody (the brains behind SNKR FRKR), the guys from New Era and other prime sneaker collectors selling off parts of their stash. I don’t know about you but scoring three prime pairs of kicks for less than $200 is enough to keep anyone vibing.

Coming off the back of the Carbon forums, where there was a lot of talk throughout the weekend about the great things that are born out of subcultures and a passion for niche markets, it really was cool to see these things at play – even if the motivation was simply to cop some cheap shoes.

For something that’s essentially a market stall, it sure felt like a party. To those who accidentally slept through their alarms on Sunday, I feel sorry for you but keep your eyes out for next years!

Taylah Kleid