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Team Cozy is the brainchild of beat maker Ta-ku and photographer Silas Lee. The two bonded over a love for sneakers as well as a similar style of photography, and have collaborated to produce a line of apparel that allows both comfort and style. For the two creatives Team Cozy started as a joke, where they labelled any comfortable streetwear they spotted as #TeamCozy. They simply created a name for a look that already existed, which snowballed into a clothing brand stemming from those very principles. The track pants, hoodies, t-shirts and sneakers that comprise Team Cozy’s Exposure collection are all about comfortable clothing that can function as both street and lounge wear.

The Exposure collection sold out like wildfire upon its release last year, however fans can now rejoice as Team Cozy have announced a Fall ’16 reintroduction of the line. This 2nd release is accompanied by a new lookbook that consists of neutral hues with dreamy blue overtones. The lookbook has a focus on adventure and travel photography, emphasising the versatility of Team Cozy’s comfort wear.

You can shop the 2nd release of the Exposure collection here.

  • Words: Maki Morita

Weekly updates