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Weekly updates

David Fincher has been commissioned by The Gap and global advertising agency, Wieden & Kennedy, to create a series of black and white short films promoting the label’s new Fall campaign, “Dress Normal”.

The Academy Award-nominated filmmaker, known for directing The Social Network (2010), Se7en (1995) and Fight Club (1999), has created four cinematic ads capturing models in the middle of critical scenes. For instance, ‘Golf’ shows a model dancing carelessly to Eddie Ray’s ‘Wait a Minute’ while her male friend/partner hits golf balls at the driving range. The tagline says: “Let your actions speak louder than your clothes” and seems like a pretty clever way to sell “normal” clothing. The series takes an everyday life/moment-in-time approach to selling minimal, straightforward clothing… albeit with extremely attractive models occupying the scenes.

Gap’s Global CMO Seth Farbman explains: “What I wanted, because this is Gap, was positive anxiety – that was the brief. We wanted to make it more challenging than what people think of as a Gap commercial. Rather than a beginning, a middle and end of the story, we wanted to tell part of the story and leave a sense of wonder.”

Check out all four films above.