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Weekly updates

After the success of the cyclist inspired 511 Commuter version, and NikeSB  x Levi’s 511 Skateboarding denim, Levi’s has started rolling out variants of the now stand-by silloutte to skate shops worldwide.

Similar to both the previously mentioned project jeans, the new breed of Levi’s denim features stronger fabrics and beefier stitching, a touch of stretch for added flexibility, along with a slightly higher rise.

I’m always weary when a non-skate company wants to go the route of being involved in skateboarding. But I have to admit, they have improved on some basic ideas of how to make jeans for skaters that other companies have only touched on.  The end result is something very functional, but in a subtle way; as not to take away from the jeans themselves, which is in typical Levi’s fashion.