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Weekly updates

What happens when an attractive person procreates with another attractive person? Genetic perfection, that’s what. The same logic applies to brands. Good brand × good brand = straight magic. Or in this case, Mishka × Long = black magic. I’ve literally been whimpering about this collection since I first caught of flirtation between Mishka and Long. Now that the collaboration has happened, we can all cut back on cigarettes and put down the stress ball. Anticipation over a hook up hasn’t felt this real for me since Ryan and Marissa finally got together on The OC. For those of you who haven’t already pre-ordered the pre-order, then let me school you on the fairytale romance that is the Mishka x Long capsule collection.


Mishka: The good girl with a bad attitude. She is the scene queen, sitting pretty in her Brooklyn hometown but totally down to shake shit up.

Long: The rebellious dark child from across the way, bringing foreign flavours to the table in exchange for a taste of the big apple.


They meet.

They flirt.

They hurt.

They consummate their love


You already know the answer to this. They drop a capsule collection and live happily ever after.

Unless you don’t purchase anything, then this is their fate:

Let them live! The Mishka x Long clothing capsule collection is available for purchase at the Mishka online store.

Look Book Models: Freya Holmes, Jordan Bethell, Lou Bones & Marc Jordan.

Photography by: Matthew Brindle.