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Weekly updates

The launch party for adidas Originals’ ZX Flux – which doubled as CARBON festival’s opening – gave revellers pretty much everything you could want out of an event. The first thing that catches your eye when entering Toot Fanute on Globe Alley (apart from the open bar) is the dripping installation works courtesy of Patrick Martinez (LA) which highlighted the new addition to the ZX line, closely followed by the giant, illuminated heel-cage installation that dominated the back wall. Turn the corner, and a whole room had been turned into a jilted, world of colour, not unlike the ZX Flux Photo Print prism design, courtesy of Vans the Omega (ADL).

In short: good art, good music (thanks Can’t Say DJs), running drinks (courtesy of Bulleit Bourbon and Temple Brewing Company) and a whole lot of fresh ZX Flux product to feast your eyes on, made for a winner of an event. And for those who liked what they say, the ZX Flux is in stores NOW.

Photography by Lester Jones at I Dig Your Sole Man.