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FILA goes traditional for Fall/Winter collection

Cozy looks and signature colours

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FILA isn’t one to stretch too far from its roots, and today the brand sits comfortably and competitively amongst sportswear giants as its classic designs are celebrated in contrast to some of the more experimental collections of recent times. At the end of the day, ultra-basic classics are never too far away from seeking revival.

Being a very self aware brand, FILA  is bouncing off its heritage looks and red, white and blue signature colours With cozy looks currently celebrated in high fashion from Vetements, Gosha, Gucci and Louis Vuitton 15/15 FW tracksuits, oversized jumpers and bombers heading down runways, looking good means being as comfy as possible. The collection dominated by iconic two piece sets and comfy looks, makes FILA’s same-same but different approach to its designs more relevant than ever.

To check out iconic looks check out our gallery above or keep heading to the FILA website for the goods to drop.

  • Words: Jordan Gogos

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