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First Steps with Careaux – Presented by Puma

Turning a love of sneakers in to a career

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Careaux is an independent designer and artist whose playful depictions of pop culture icons have won her a dedicated audience. An avid sneaker collector, she began illustrating her favourite Puma models – a choice that ultimately led her to her debut exhibition in cult designer Jeff Staple’s New York boutique, Reed Space. Since then, she has travelled between Amsterdam, New York, and Sydney – creating her work from the road, and building her global reputation.

Why did you start illustrating sneakers? 

I started with my illustrations back in 2013. I had a hard time in my life and I needed something to get my mind off it. It worked when I started illustrating something I love a lot. I don’t really illustrate a lot anymore, well, not the art that people are used to see of me. I barely have time to do it but when I have time to, it’s the most fun thing to do of all my work.

What was it like working with Jeff Staple? 

It is always good to create content with someone who has been around for a solid decade while I’m just looking around the corner for the first time. He taught me a lot when it comes to working hard. He gave me only one week to create art and it was good to see that I could create under pressure.

Has he acted as a mentor to you?

He is still my mentor. He still helps me when I need it but not as much as before. He always knows how to give advice and how to deal with certain situations. For example, not paying attention to what isn’t a part of my life. People nowadays try to drag you in things that shouldn’t even take time of your days and how to focus on yourself. I saw Jeff for the last time in NYC in August when I was working there. We still speak weekly and it’s good to have that connection after all he has done for me.

You met Jeff on Instagram, has social media provided a lot of opportunities for you? 

Posting my work helped a lot. That’s why it was good for me. I don’t really use Instagram like most people do. I post my picture and that’s about it. I look again after 3 hours and post another picture if I have one. I’m not that active by looking at others, so basically I miss out on a lot of things.

What makes a good Instagram feed? 

Not too sure to be honest. I think consistency works good. I don’t pay a lot of attention to my posts; I just make sure people see what I have to show them. If it’s sneaker or art, I just post what I like. If people don’t like it, then so be it.

Why do you love sneakers so much?

They have more character than a normal shoe, at least that’s how I feel about them and that’s why I love them. I always see shoes as something that walks with you, because it literally does. Every sneaker has a story: the sneaker you wore when you broke up, the sneaker that helped you through the rain. No matter what, they will always be with you.

Are you working on any projects exciting projects at the moment?

I have some exciting stuff to prepare that I can’t reveal yet… I’m excited for it but anxious at the same time. Everyone will see it in a couple of months.

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