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Good Read: Vetements’ Demna Gvasalia and Gucci’s Alessandro Michele talk to The New York Times

A pair more exciting than Batman and Superman (because that movie sucked)

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When Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele and Vetements pioneer/Balenciaga creative director Demna Gvasalia unite, there is little to be said of any competition. These two are pretty unstoppable. They’re the Kanye West and Jay Z of fashion, everything they do is incredible and when they join forces you kind of just have to bow down. Recently, the two spoke with T,  The New York Times’ style magazine, about how they are quite literally changing the world of fashion.

The whole article is definitely worth a read, and can be found here. In the meantime, check out the list below as we’ve pulled out some of the nuggets of gold from the golden boys of fashion, alongside images of some of their collaborative work.

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01. Michele on Gucci:

“I think also that every single designer sees something different in the same brand. I think that creative work is what you see through your eyes. It’s like … when I think about Gucci, I was trying to find the most crazy piece of the company. Because after a lot of years, Gucci for me was, in a way, flat. Without soul. But in the archive you can find a lot of quirky soul. They created a lot of strange kinds of objects.”

02. Gvasalia on juggling two high profile brands:

“It helps me. At the beginning it was like, okay, it’s going to be like Jeykll and Hyde and I’ll go crazy. But I must tell you, having those in-between moments — it’s like cold and hot showers. I go back and I forget about that day I spent at Balenciaga. It freshens me. For me, it really helps, creatively.”

03. Michele on fashion and reality:

“Reality is a huge piece of our work. I think that fashion, for a long time, has been in a prison. Without freedom. I think that without freedom, with rules, it’s impossible to create a new story. I mean, I’ve worked in fashion for a long time — but I understand that after years and years of product, product, product. It’s something that kills everything.”

04. Gvasalia on why it's good to be different:

“Because people look for that kind of individuality. They don’t want to look like a campaign picture. They choose. At the end, maybe they end up [like that] but it’s their decision, of how they want to stand out. Because we’re so globalized and everything is so out there right away. I think there is this desire and need for being a bit different. That’s why the individuality matters much more.”

05. Michele & Gvasalia on blurring gender:

Gvasalia: “Gender fluidity.”

Fury: I hate that term!

Gvasalia: It’s the worst thing ever. It sounds vulgar.

Michele: But it’s something that is — I always say that I didn’t invent anything. It’s something that exists, it’s our life. What can I say? It’s the world. It’s something that exists, I can’t ignore. I understand that for a long time fashion wanted to stay inside fashion. Something like another world. Fashion is, I don’t know where — in the front of the window in Rue Faubourg? I don’t know. Where is “fashion”? Fashion is the way you dress, the way you are. Again, your attitude. So this word, gender fluidity, is kind of an invention. Because it’s our life. We, all of us, are this way. Fashion is — if we want to talk about the way you look — you have, inside, all these different meanings.

Gvasalia: But it’s so there, it’s so normal. On Thursday the [Vetements] show finished with two identical looks: One was on a guy and one was on a girl. We didn’t really think — oh let’s show that both of them can wear it. We just tried them and both worked and were incredible.

Michele: It’s not a trick.

06. Michele & Gvasalia on 'out with the old':

Michele: For me, nothing is old. I don’t know why. If a dress is beautiful, and it’s very ­personal, I think it can live forever. I think that we still have the idea that if you have something beautiful, next season you have to put it in the bin.

Gvasalia: It’s terrible.

Michele: This is horrible.

Gvasalia: It’s also bull.

Michele: I don’t care about which season it is. Sometimes I prefer it after seasons and seasons.