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Like any reasonably minded individual, I get heart palpitations at the slightest mention of hoverboards or self-lacing sneakers and while it’s unlikely that we’ll be getting around on levitating decks any time soon, a forward-thinking Halloween costume company has sourced some of those future kicks for us.

So they don’t lace up automatically (yet) but they light up and for $98, they look close enough to the real thing for that to be totally worth it. Besides, if you’re a real sneakerhead or craft fiend, you could probably just embroider your own swoosh onto the front of then and lie to your friends about it.

The kicks are out of stock (probably thanks to the lead up to Halloween) but are due to drop again on September 30 on HalloweenCostumes. If the lack of self-lacing technology is a deal breaker for you, don’t worry. Nike’s official Mags with patented lace tightening tech are rumoured to come out next year and there’s plenty of other home-grown options.



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