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Weekly updates

Sports teams and competition were some of the inspirations for Rocksmith’s Spring 2012 range entitled Friday Night Lights. We spoke with Erik Marino, partner, designer and weed partaker about the capsule collection.

My name is… Erik Marino. Designer/Partner Rocksmith & Wutang Limited – Kilo Interntional.

I live in… Williamsburg Brooklyn.

Our new collection is called… Friday night Lights. This is just the sport capsule of a wider range for spring.

Some of the things that inspired it are… The pro athlete, the swag, the fame, the groupies, the common ground that they share with music artists. Excelling as a individual but winning as a team.

My favourite piece from the collection is… Heritage Ninjas canvas jacket in black. TI wore it in an instagram profile pic so u know its OG as fuck!

The person I can imagine wearing the collection is… Ballers, Players, Hustlers, Dudes who are active. Dudes who want to rock sweats but still be fly as hell.

While designing the collection we listened to a lot of…. Wale, Big K.r.i.t., Three 6 Mafia, Kendrick Lamar, Jodeci, Jay-Z.

If I wasn’t a designer I’d… Be an A&R.

I like the opposite sex to wear… Nothing. Ha. ….Really with women it all depends on their personal style, they’re already starting off on a good foot being the most beautiful beings on earth. I think a simple style is best, something that just accents natural beauty. I like sun dresses, onesies, sandals, oversized tees/tanks, lightweight gold jewlery and nice denim.

An item of clothing I can never throw out is… My superman tee from age 5.

A trend I would like to die is… Man tights.

When I’m not working on the brand I like to spend time… Chillin with the Rocksmith team. Smoking a lot of weed.

The next project I’m working on is… Rocksmith spring 2013, Wutang holiday 2012, Rocksmith music videos.