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Weekly updates

As we mark the passing of another month, instead of mourning we choose to celebrate. We celebrate because it means a fresh issue of Limit’d, our free monthly digital magazine will be dropping right in to your hands. Whether you’re on iPhone, iPad, or an Android device, from music, to art and design, Limit’d is your go-to source for what’s happening in the creative world. It also happens to be bursting with the latest releases from all of your favourite brands as well as exclusives and premium content from everybody’s homies, Hype DC.

For September Limit’d went to a brewery and called it work. This issue sees Limit’d join Oscar McMahon one of the founders of independent brewery Young Henrys for a couple of cold ones.  Oscar and his mates quit their day jobs to start Young Henrys after having the idea after a couple of beers (obviously). Oscar’s the man to listen to if you need someone to encourage to you follow up on your drunken ideas, after all—drunken ideas worked out for him.

This issue of Limit’d also features a profile on tattooist and illustrator Avalon Westcott. Avalon’s been blowing up Instagram with her illustrations and tattoos, taking on the male-dominated tattoo industry with her unique feminine style. She gave us the lowdown on how she got started and how to make social media help build your career.

As usual Limit’d has all of this and tons more, and is  bursting with the freshest sneaker releases and Hypekit—Hype DC’s curated collection of apparel. Download the digital magazine to experience a new dimension of interactivity and add depth to your reading experience. Seamlessly flip between colourways and styles on new sneaker releases, go behind the scenes on our features, and shop directly from the application. Download it now!