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Weekly updates

The iLTHY® 2012 Spring collection is a shining example of a brand knowing what they’re good at and doing it well. In a word, the newest range of product from this Ohio based brand: HEAT (#NoLebron)! But even better than the actual product itself is the accompanying video lookbook (produced by Colorgrade Pictures)–which gave me a raging streetwear boner by the way–yeah, I just said that.

But honestly, can you blame me? Have you SEEN this stuff yet? The whole package is amazing. I swear iLTHY® is one of the best brands the world has never heard of. But if they keep up with this torrid pace and awesome output, I’m sure that will change soon enough. For your information the Spring line-up has been released and a good bit of it is already sold out. If you like what you see, I’d invite you to start keeping tabs on this brand so you’ll have better luck scooping something this Summer.