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Louis Vuitton is taking legal action against bootleggers

The French fashion house takes a stand

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Louis Vuitton—the iconic French brand, who’s monogrammed handbags were an intrinsic part of any earl ’00s girl’s dream outfit—has filed suit in Beijing against three individual sellers on Alibaba’s e-commerce marketplace TaoBao. The sellers have each been formally convicted for the sale of counterfeit Louis Vuitton goods in a series of “serious” operations between 2011-2014, and now owe the company 250, 000 yuan (approximately AUD$37, 900) in damages.

This is by no means the first time that the French house fashion has cottoned on to the endless amount of fakes goods out there that feature their brand name and logo, having previously launched legal action against websites and website operators in relation to the sale of counterfeit items. It’s not often though, that they initiate such action on individual sellers.

The increased court action from major brands against counterfeit sellers doesn’t seem to be having an overly huge affect on business though, with counterfeit sales still pretty commonplace on bidding sites and online marketplaces.

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