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Fammm why would you wear your Yeezy 750 Boosts to the gym. WHY? Just because you’re skipping leg day and sitting down for your entire session does not afford you a pass to literally flex at the gym wearing Yeezys (wit courtesy of Reddit). Is this man a fuccboi? Yes. And don’t come at us on some ‘these are my beaters’ shit. The only people who have Yeezy Boosts as their beaters are Piro Sierra, and Just Blaze. From what I can see, these Yeezys are fresh out the box – they are definitely this man’s grails.

Showing up to stunt was clearly this man’s priority – by the positioning of his towel, homie isn’t even planning on breaking a sweat today. Odds are that he usually curls 20s and took a step down just to minimise any moisture that might make its way to his feet. Odds are he’s not even doing full sets. Odds are this picture was taken on own phone. Is he actually trying to fool people into thinking he owns 750s and doesn’t have Ultra/Energy Boosts too? Even if he has two pairs, even if money isn’t an issue and this was taken in the gym at New York’s Midtown Hilton, mans is cray for this one.

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