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Robert Burt, 19, was ordered to serve two days in prison after being convicted of drink driving charges in the US state of Maine. When turning up to be processed for his short sentence, he wore an orange t-shirt with a print of his June arrest mugshot. Underneath the mugshot, the words “BURT FAMILY REUNION, 8/8 – 8/10/2014, SPONSORED BY BUD LIGHT AND SOMERSET COUNTY SHERIFF,” can be seen. Allegedly a family member of Burt’s was due to be in prison at the same time – hence, the reunion.

As the US is notorious for its high prison re-entry rates, maybe sometime we’ll get to see a new mugshot of Burt wearing a print of his prison mugshot that includes his first arrest mugshot. Who knows? Burt reportedly wrote, “I’m out bitchs [sic],” on Facebook, following his release. Looking good, Robert. Looking good.