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Weekly updates

A bunch of brands have been releasing 4th of July themed gear for this year’s holiday. Mishka have released a few products for the occassion with one of their ongoing collaborators Lamour Supreme. First up is the Lamour Keep Watch Snapback. “We’ve never put this design on a snapback before, so we touched it up a little bit, with redder reds and a different blue in the iris. Swag. We threw it on a navy blue snapback with the Lamour underbrim. Shit is so cash.” Ha! But wait, there’s more, there’s also a Lamour Keep Watch Tie-Dye tee, featuring the new Lamour Keep Watch with “A patriotic as fuck two tone tie-dye. Damn son, where’d we find this!” Whoever their copywriter is gets a high five from me.

More details on the site.