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Weekly updates

Coca Cola is undoubtedly one of the biggest, most influential brands going around. Even if we don’t wish to acknowledge it, let’s face it, any brand that has us falling over each other to buy their product just because it said our name is pretty in the know.

So it was only natural that the next progression in Coke’s triumphs was a collab with some much-loved brands, but this is Coca Cola we’re talking about, so instead of collaborating with one brand, they chose nine. For this special collection, sold exclusively at ZOZOTOWN, Coca Cola teamed up with the likes of Stussy, New Era, BOUNTY HUNTER and many others to create a range of not only t-shirts, but hats, outerwear and even a Coke bottle shaped cushion. The coke-inspired products, primarily available in the expected colours of red, white and black are all available now from ZOZOTOWN online.

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Adriana Barro