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Even before her birth, North West was a regular topic of discussion across the various media outlets internationally. And in her 16 months on this earth, she has proven that she is anything but camera-shy, looking (almost) comfortable on red carpets, at fashion shows and other exclusive celebrity events – a true Kardashian.

It’s no secret that this infant’s wardrobe is probably already worth more than all the clothes you have ever owned in your life but sources have now come out saying yung West actually has her own tailor/stylist to ensure she is kept in coordination with mummy (and daddy) dearest. Well, duh, how else does she end up so miraculously matchy-matchy with Kim and Kanye on any given day.

According to the source, “Her wardrobe is planned well in advance with regular meetings to discuss looks for the family’s public appearances, and North has versions to match a lot of what Kim wears, from dresses to handbags and shoes.”

Not too sure where ‘being a kid’ fits in with all these couture fittings but hopefuly lil Nori is having some sort of fun while she’s traipsing around in her Chanel or Alexander Wang or Givenchy. In the meantime, how creepy is it to have a toddler as an aspirational figure in fashion? Check out some of her finest ensembles in our gallery above.