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When brands such as a number of names and FPAR® collaborate with an open brief, the result is inevitably going to be something special. The brands have come together to issue a limited release t-shirt inspired by slang from the Anthony Burgess novel A Clockwork Orange. The tee is a strikingly simple yet captivating design simply emblazoned with the word “Droogs” (meaning friend in nadsat–the argot from A Clockwork Orange. It’s also the name of one of our fave rappers). The lettering itself is a nod to the food packaging design featured in Repo Man which is itself a reference to the old packaging design of Ralph’s Supermarket off-brand products. For such a simple shirt, it’s practically dripping with homages.

Keeping true to the theme, the imagery and trailer for the drop was filmed in the Thamesmead Estate in South London, where Stanley Kubrick chose to portray the dystopian society of Anthony Burgess’ original novel. You can see these in the photo gallery above.

The limited t-shirt is available exclusively from the a number of names online store.

Luke Karakas

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