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There’s a lot going on over in the States right now, a period of uncertainty regarding the treatment of diverse cultures under Trump’s reign, but it looks like Opening Ceremony have made their move. They’ve released a new “Global Varsity” collection, including 47 jackets that pay homage to the diverse countries and cultures that we exist within.

“We wanted to celebrate the fact that the America we know is comprised of a diverse and expansive group of nations,” Opening Ceremony released in a statement. “To do so, through our iconic varsity jacket, felt like a perfect way to highlight each country’s unique attributes – through color, symbols and patterns.” A selection of tees, caps and other accessories can be purchased alongside the jackets.

Wear your colours with pride. Check out some of our favourite varsity jackets from the collection in the gallery above. Head on over to Opening Ceremony’s online store here for further purchase info. You’ll need to hurry though; there’ll only be limited quantities available. Prices come between $55 USD and $1,195 USD. Your move, Trump.

Weekly updates