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Pseushi’s home is not only a house

The Sydney brand defines the spaces we inhabit

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Home is one of the harder terms to define. It’s a feeling, a space, a person – all in one. It’s the place where you are wholly yourself. It’s where you wine, dine, and let it all hang out. In their latest series, Sydney brand Pseushi explore the concept of home.

Venturing into the dwellings of three twenty-somethings, photographer Cass Navarro took some photos and discussed what home meant to them.

What they found is that homes, like the people that inhabit them, are fluid, ever-changing, and deeply personal. They are houses, towns, lovers, cats, and moments.

At Home - Pseushi: Tasmin

Name: Tasmin Henry-Fullalove

Age: 24

Hometown: Newcastle, NSW / Melbourne, VIC

Home is where you can feel your most comfortable and completely be yourself. Whether it is when you’re alone or with the person you adore.


At Home - Pseushi: Tianya

Name: Tianya Duerden

Age: 20

Home: Home is where my kitty & all the vegan snacks are, where I can watch Netflix, play Pokémon and sing in the shower. Home isn’t really a place, it’s more of a feeling. But right now I guess it’s in Coburg North, Melbourne. Home is comfort, harmony and sanctuary.


At Home - Pseushi: Jarman

Name: Jarman

Age: 22

Home: Home is wherever I want it to be, but right now Melbourne is home.

Describe home in three words: Ultimate personal space

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