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Kylie Jenner might keep us guessing about the status of her personal relationships but there’s no doubting how strong her professional connections are. Her partnership with sports brand Puma continues with their new Suede campaign, with images showing up on social media over the past day.

The label may be on a high from the release of some of their new styles (hi Rihanna) but it’s one of their iconic silhouettes that is getting the shine this time around – the Suede. In the campaign, King Kylie (can we still call her that?) can be seen ‘throwing it back’ for the 1968-born shoe. Fellow young #influencers, rappers Rae Sremmurd and actual Snapchat queen Julz Goddard AKA yesjulz, also feature in the promotional imagery, all sporting the classic style.

We’re sure there will be some Day One Suede supporters who will have some feelings about this generational clash but there’s little doubt that each individual is about to bring a whole new era of fans to the Suede movement. Take a look at some of the campaign in the gallery above.

Weekly updates