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Rick Owens wants to charge your phone on the go for $600

The ritziest way to top up your terrible iPhone battery

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If you’re the type of person whose smartphone continually runs out of battery after a couple of texts and one full scroll of the Instagram feed, and you also like to look as chic a possible all the time (read: all of us, am I right?), then this Rick Owens portable phone charger is something you may want to invest in.

The Italian-made, 100% acetate design features a minimalist aesthetic, monochrome charcoal-black colour palette, and engraved logo, and is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 5, Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, and other Android devices. It’s also currently selling for a whopping $440 USD (approximately $630 AUD).

Check out the device in the gallery above, and think of how ritzy you’d look pulling it out on the train next time your phone battery carks it. And if you’re in the market for a portable charger that is probably more valuable than you phone, SSENSE has you covered.

  • Words: Juliet Mentor

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