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Rihanna gets an A+ for the latest Fenty x Puma collection

Class is in session with Miss Fenty

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Many of us are familiar with the transition of uni fashion. You pull up to the first day looking mighty crisp, knowing full well it’s only a matter of time until you’re caught out in a hoodie and track pants.

Coming in as her third Fenty x Puma collection, it seems that Rihanna understands the struggle pretty damn well. Known for making a hoodie look glamorous as hell, the live stream of ‘Fenty University’ showcases a library runway that pretty much schools us all on the best way to pull off that hood. Held in Paris for Paris Fashion Week, the Fenty Class of 2017 pick up varsity style crops, tartan skirts and track-pant-high-heel-combos that are sure to inspire a whole new wave of uni fashion.

Stepping out on the desks after the show is the Bad Gal herself, looking fly as hell in an oversize coat that conjures up the fantasy of going to school wrapped in a blanket. And hey, if Rihanna did it, then we’ve got the green light to comfort this year. Be sure to check out the live stream below, and be sure to take notes.


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