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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley doesn’t really need an introduction. But just in case you were curious, you may have previously come across the English bombshell while perusing that Victoria’s Secret catalogue or on the big screen for the Transformers franchise. Her flawless face and that VS-level bod has definitely ensure she’s a mainstay in the editorials of the world’s big fashion mags.

Her latest editorial for magazine is a perfect marriage between high farshun and straight-up sex appeal. I know I don’t need to be talking up this editorial too much to you fellas but as a woman, I can appreciate this image set on a slightly different level. Doing man-style in the best way possible, Rosie appears lounging in high-waisted trousers and open shirts and coats, with a swimsuit and cheeky nip-slip thrown in for good measure.

Check out Collier Schorr’s images for magazine’s current issue above.