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The term ‘online magazine’ gets thrown around a lot. As someone who actually makes a magazine, I am often angered to see someone attach the term ‘magazine’ to a fucking tumblr or bonafide blog. THAT AIN’T NO MAGAZINE, I’LL SHOW YOU A MAGAZINE. If you haven’t cried yourself to sleep because of stress (or my personal fave; in the shower so no one can hear you) it’s probably not a ‘magazine’.

But I digress, Chicago boutique RSVP Gallery have launched an online magazine and I’m pleased to say it does in fact resemble a ‘magazine’, with decent-sized articles, nice photos and original videos. Titled ‘Neon and Nonsense’ the first issue features A$AP Rocky, Boxed Water, Ben Baller, Treated Crew, Ill America, B.Edgar and Givenchy. Give it a read here.