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3K star in the latest Saint Side lookbook

The collection you need, on the collective you need to know

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Further cementing Melbourne’s place as an up and coming streetwear powerhouse, local label Saint Side join forces with rap collective 3K for their latest street ready release.

Remaining true to their roots, the brand continues to push forward and combine themes celebrating both multi-culturalism and car culture. Boasting a complete arsenal of closet essentials, the latest collection ups the ante with a host of new additions to their usual line- up. Featuring merino wool beanies, a 10-pocket technical jacket, track pants, totes, and a number of unique designs strewn across hoods, crews, tees, and accessories alike.

Once again paying homage to their humble beginnings, the streets of Saintside’s St. Albans hometown play the backdrop behind the lookbook. Providing a stark contrast to the usual hustle and bustle of daytime market life the crew opted for the solitude of a night time shoot. Seemingly aligning with the Saint Side narrative, the fresh faces behind the camera have also been collecting some serious grassroots buzz over the past 12-months.

Releasing their first music video last year, 3K look to be making all the right moves. Hailing from locations across Melbourne the group paint a diverse picture. Whilst little is currently known about the enigmatic collective, it’s not hard to see why they’ve amassed a loyal cult following. On the back of music video’s like ‘WOOF‘ and ‘SITCOM‘, they already lay claim to an aesthetic and sound uniquely their own. Combine high production value, attention to detail and a renowned god tier stage presence, and suddenly the notion of a meteoric rise to fame doesn’t seem so far of a reach.

3K will be performing their debut EP live on the 30th of June at the Saint Side city store.


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