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Weekly updates

Melbourne label For The Homies just dropped their holiday collection titled ‘Straight Outta Costanza’. The range, as the title suggests, is an homage to being a kid of the 90s, with references from VHS movies to Seinfeld to Wu Tang skits. Full of signature Homies style graphic print tees, as well as the introduction of accessories like 5 panels, the range is pretty damn tight and a nice progression from previous collections. We spoke with creator and designer Pete Le Chic, who channeled Dr. Dre throughout the interview. Scary. Pretty sure his eyes rolled back into his head and his voice lowered several octaves. Life imitating art and all that… The Dre is strong in this one.

My name is… Andre Romelle Young otherwise know as Dr Dre Pete Le Chic

By day I… Get up in the AM and compose a beat.

By night I…. Am flossiin’  like a motherfuker, clownin an’ shit.

The best thing about the 90s was… Oh man, I don’t know where to even start… how about I just say ME.

The worst was… Losing Eazy E, Fuck the beef, nigga I miss you.

While designing the collection I listened to…  smoked a lot of Da chronic

The new range references… It’s just my life and a grip of other hood shit.

A 90s guy with a lot of style was… My manager, Trustus mutherfuckin Jones

One of my favourite Costanza moments is… That time George Suge was at the club…


I’m addicted to… What do you think?

If I wasn’t running Homies I would probably be… Bringin out my next album. Shiiieeeet its only been 10 years.

Dre said it’s a wrap nigga…

The range is available at all Homies retailers