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The Drop: Junya Watanabe Solar-Powered Trench Coat

High-end fashion meets iPhone charger

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With winter approaching and your iPhone battery constantly dying, Junya Watanabe’s new jacket may solve both these problems for you. The idea of technology becoming wearable is cool and slightly concerning at the same damn time, but as we enter the world of a digitised existence, it’s clear humans and technology will soon become one. That’s where the Solar-Powered Trench Coat comes in, amalgamating convention and bringing us a step closer to technology becoming ingrained in our DNA.

Seemingly birthed out of insanity (or is it necessity?), the jacket features six solar panels (two up front and four on your back) to maintain the longevity of your iPhone via a built-in charging unit, while the inner lining is a standard trench coat fit keeping you nice and toasty. It hits shelves in July and you can nab one for the same price as a trip to Japan (roughly $3000 AUD).

Accessible streetwear laced with gadgetry is something that remains unexplored at this stage, but for now all we can do is speculate about what we’ll be wearing in 50 years. Check out some closer images of Watanabe’s latest creation above.

  • Words: Eli Marsland

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