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Weekly updates

If I had a penny for every time I see a blog post about a ‘Pop-Up’ store (even in just Melbourne alone) I’d probably have enough money to pay off my credit card. The fact it’s become so commonplace however, does make it all the more interesting when somebody actually does a really good job of the pop-up concept. Case in point The Seventh Letter x The Hundreds pop up  retail  spot which will be opening this Saturday and Sunday (at 7907 Rosewood Avenue next to the Hundreds store). I gotta give 10/10 to the fit out of this one. So much attention to detail and care has gone into the curation of objects and setting the mood. It’s truly impressive. Detracting from the garments themselves? Sure. But if brick and mortar retail is about creating an experience for the consumer then these guys have nailed it. See it all in the gallery above.