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Weekly updates

Apart from being the go-to spot for any release the sells out immediately, Grailed stays true to its namesake and can uncover some forgotten rarities that are still hyped despite being out of the fashion limelight for a while. And they could all be yours, if you’re willing to pay the price. These days we don’t (usually) blink an eye at some of the high price tags attached to seemingly standard streetwear items so many of the scores on this week’s list should come well under budget… if your weekly wardrobe budget was in the thousands of dollars. If not, this is why wishlists exist, so scroll through our picks and add them to yours today. Or do as we say and just treat yourself.

  • Words: Ella McNicol

01. Supreme 2007 NCAA Jacket

This 2007 varsity is rare even by Supreme standards. This jacket was pulled from shelves due to a cease and desist order from NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) making it one of the most difficult Supreme pieces to find. With a price tag to match its rarity, this Grail is priced at $700.

02. Palace Saint Criss Ring

Now this is some mf bling. Super quick hack to look like a pimp daddy, this Saint Criss ring was released in Palace Skateboard’s Summer 2016 collection and belongs on your hand on the ASAP (if you have $685 to drop).

03. Gosha Rubchinskiy St George Sweater

This Gosha Rubchinskiy sweater is woven using the intarsia knitting style and features graphics of the Archangel Michael. This turtleneck knit is from the Fall/Winter 2012 drop and is up for grabs for a modest $460.

04. Adidas X Jeremy Scott Eagle Moto Pants

Now these are a lil more rare and a lil more rad than your average Adidas three stripe trackies. These pants feature rubber patches saying ‘adidas’, ‘sports’ and ‘Jeremy’ along with an Adidas Trefoil on the crotch. A stylised eagle design begins at the knee and the cuffs feature bright yellow adidas symbols. In other words, these pants aren’t subtle but you don’t really want them to be if you’re paying $405.

05. Gucci high top sneakers

Everybody loves a lil Gucci in their life but for some of us, it isn’t quite appropriate for day to day existence. These Gucci high-tops are a marriage of style and street, so you can enjoy a lil Gucci on any given day. $400 on Grailed.

06. Thrasher X Supreme Work Jacket

This tan jacket is made by two of your favourite skate brands in collaboration. Thrasher and Supreme joined forces to create this logo-rich work jacket, available now on Grailed for $600.