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Schools, huh? They know everything apparently, but sometimes it seems they know everything about nothing. This is the type of shit that reminds me why I hated schools. So this is the situation, you’re a human being in year 11, a human being that wouldn’t mind being a little unique. You save up some cash, head to your favourite barber and get that slick haircut you’ve been waiting for. Only to wake up the next morning, head to school and get placed in complete isolation for having an “extreme haircut.” But apparently, to the powers that be at Churchfield Academy, it’s not okay to have one portion of your hair longer than the other…

Student Luke Bolton told local news that he would not be allowed to participate in classes with other students for an entire week – instead, having to complete his studies in isolation (time out?) until his hair grew out. To be fair, the haircut really isn’t extreme at all; it’s actually a pretty common haircut which is why I’m surprised they were “shocked” when he walked in. I wonder how they’d react taking a stroll through the northern suburbs of Melbourne? They’d probably have a heart attack. Long live the skin fade.

Check out some images of the “extreme haircut” in the gallery above.

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