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Virgil Abloh’s first Louis Vuitton Pop-Up is Outselling LV’s 2017 Supreme Collab

Virgil's Tokyo LV popup is outperforming the luxury giant's Supreme sales numbers.

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The sales numbers from Virgil Abloh’s first Louis Vuitton pop-up are in, and they’re a big told-you-so to his doubters. The collection is yet to hit Louis Vuitton stores, but it debuted early at a dedicated pop-up shop in Tokyo. The release strategy echoes LV’s 2017 Supreme collaboration, which also first appeared at a series of exclusive pop-up shops around the world.

Impressively, Virgil’s pop-up is already outperforming Supreme’s. Speaking with WWD Louis Vuitton CEO Michael Burke boasted that the Tokyo pop-up “raked in 30 percent more in the first 48 hours than Vuitton’s collaborative collection with Supreme in 2018.” Burke attributed the success to shopper’s “pure unadulterated desire,” claiming there was no dedicated marketing, advertising or gifting campaign. The full collection will be available in retailers on January 18.

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