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Weekly updates

Here’s a short and random photo documentation of what was an awesome 24 hours spent in Melbourne. The Beyond family, myself, Shane and Luke were flown over to the premiere of Danny Way’s documentary, Waiting For Lightning, courtesy of the fine folk at DC. Early morning flights, little sleep, fine dinning, free drinks, good posse, new friends, old friends. A sure hell of a way to enjoy yourself! Big thanks DC and Al and the crew for their hard work in organising it all, and of course, being kind enough to include us! Had a blast.

We beat the sun in to the sky.

Luke a little too excited for us to be sleeping next to each other.

Fine dining with Danny Way and the greater Australian skateboarding community.

Al & Ben, two legends!

The man making the news!

Premiere time! The place was packed with friends from all over!

The movie was incredible, much like the On Video story on Danny Way from years ago, but went in to greater depth on a number of other topics. Definitely worth seeking this one out to watch, hands down, one of the gnarliest people on earth.

More drinks – After party at Strange Wolf.


High five, Al!

Brass rather amused at Yuta drinking Asahi.


“Bewgs Up Boicsh”

This photo looked better on Instagram