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Assembled with Italian leather and sporting 18k gold plated insignia, a set of Buscemi sneakers will set you back $800 at the very least. The L.A based fashion house, operating from a level of prestige that beckons a class of its very own, has been pumping out ridiculously high-end sneakers to rappers and the like for over a year now.

The label has released a video titled Obnoxiously High Quality, giving you a behind the scenes look at the obsessively detailed manufacturing process from sketch to finish. The clip traverses the creation of a classic Buscemi sillhouete from initial computer imaging to the delicate assembling of each and every leather strip by some sturdy looking hands.

Any brand that markets itself as ‘obnoxiously high’ anything, better be able to back it up with designs and quality to match. While a pair of Buscemis more than speak for themselves, witnessing the jigsaw-like production behind every shoe definitely does cast some light on the construction of sheer luxury… and the price tags that follow.

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