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Professional skateboarder and artist, Mark Gonzales, has featured in a short one-minute video for Adidas Skateboarding. The conversation briefly explains the story of how his shoe collaboration came to be.

After being featured in Thrasher in 1984, while wearing a pair of Nizzas he bought for $15, Gonz decided they were the perfect shoes. He based his inspiration on what he wore as a kid and shares his appreciation for the stories behind every worn down shoe. The updated Nizza, known as Matchcourt, which was made in 2008, features two different coloured soles so that you’ll never put the wrong shoe on the wrong foot again, which Gonz thinks ‘is a plus’.

Have a look at the video above and be inspired by Gonz customising a pair of shoes in blue marker.

  • Words: Mikaela Ortolan

Weekly updates