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You may know local clothing label Authority Clothing now because of that infamous coup of Snoop Dogg’s torso but the guys are now back to prove they’re not just enterprising dressing room crashers. Based in Melbourne and operating since 2012, the brand is primarily involved in major street art projects and turning those art works into limited edition apparel.

Their most recent project involves a couple more Melbourne staples in Steen Jones and Alex Lehours on an epic mural on a wall in Brunswick. The Beith Street Project (yup, the same spot Beyoncé rolled up on when she was in town) combines the distinct styles of both artists and will also be accompanied with a limited range of tees, which will be dropping very shortly.

Take a look at how it all came together in the recap video above and check out the Authority Clothing website for more info.

Also, Melburnians can see the piece IRL at Killer Merch, 7 Beith Street, Brunswick.

Videography: Cale Rodriguez
Photography: Kate Davis