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Yung Lean has moulded a unique aesthetic since exploding on the international hip-hop scene a few years ago. The Japanese characters, codeine-heavy themes, and overly sullen imagery is a calling card that almost shadows the rapper’s music. However, it seems the Swedish rapper’s Sad Boys Gear clothing line is the latest to fall prey to the megalomaniacal ways of corporate greed.

Yesterday Sad Boys Entertainment issued a statement on social media in response to a new spray jacket released by retail line Urban Outfitters. The jacket in question bears a noticeable similarity to official SBE gear, in that it features Japanese characters and Yung Lean’s signature frowning emoticon.

Furthermore, the text on the back of the jacket reads “Yoshi City Nights 2002” which seems to be a reference to the Yung Lean track “Yoshi City” as well as the Stockholm rapper’s 2013 mixtape Unknown Death 2002.

Sad Boys Entertainment released a statement yesterday which openly accused the retail giant of plagiarism. “yoshi city belongs to us and our true fans · fuck u Urban Outfitters”.

Fellow Sad Boys rapper, Yung Gud also expressed his anger in a Twitter post.

Urban Outfitters are yet to respond to these claims, but it seems the corporate leeches finally got their comeuppance.

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