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New music from Cardi B, Hooligan Hefs, YAWDOESITALL, Muroki and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week for March 8, 2024. Here are our favourite new releases from Australia and around the world this week — Follow our playlist here for updates of the best new music every single Friday.

01. Oscar #Worldpeace - Heaven ft. Qendresa

When I’m with you I feel a little bit of heaven” Oscar #Worldpeace spits on this new single. His voice is smooth as he raps through self-reflection and the euhporia found in romance. The production captures the relaxation found in love, but with fast-moving drums signifying the urgency often found in lust. It’s a truly sleek joint from the UK artist.

02. Chaii - Fun

The production on this new Chaii track stands out immediately. It’s chaotic, with rapid fire synth bleeps and barrages of percussion bombarding the mix. The Persian-NZ rapper contrasts this with a hazy delivery, feeling like her own unique interpretation of the Ying Yang Twins classic ‘Wait (The Whisper Song)’. This single truly is a whole lotta ‘Fun’.

03. No Money Enterprise - Back To Back

This track from No Money Enterprise speaks to their versatility. Huge 808s and sharp snares command a head-bop inducing trap bounce. The duo go back and forth with bars and flow switches that rival even some of your favourites from the golden era. If you’re looking for a blood-pumping banger to bring in the long weekend, look no further than these Logan City marauders.

04. Elsy Wameyo - Piny Lara

Elsy Wameyo switches it up on ‘Piny Lara’, switching her skilled bars for some softly sung melodies. Her voice soars throughout, floating atop the airy instrumental. Wuod Omollo, who also co-produced the song, howls in the hook in Luo, a dialect spoken across countries like Kenya and Tanzania, serving as not only a high point on the track, but a homage to their homeland.

05. Muroki - Timezones

Muroki captures the essence of the Summertime in this new track. The guitars warble with sun-soaked jangles throughout. The Kenya/NZ artist’s deep voice grows with passion as the song goes on, increasing the heat of his undeniably warm presence. This track serves as the title song on his new EP, which you can stream now.

06. MIKE, Tony Seltzer - On God ft. Earl Sweatshirt, Tony Shhnow

On God’ finds MIKE treading some new ground. Instead of the lo-fi flourishes of soulful boom-bap we’ve come to know from him, this track lurks in the world of eerie trap music, as producer Tony Seltzer pairs gloomy synths with heavy sub bass. MIKE maintains his woozy swagger with ear-catching flows throughout, accompanied by the effortless style of Earl Sweatshirt and Tony Shhnow. This track is an instant highlight off of MIKE and Tony Seltzer’s new album Pinball, which you can stream now.

07. Figuero Jones, Aywy - WYM

This new Figuero Jones song is destined to ring off in clubs around the country. Aywy takes on production duties here, providing a chaotic but catchy groove with swirling Arabian flutes, vibrant brass lines and gyrating percussion. Figuero is composed with his raps, keeping it simple, but slicing through the mix with his smooth presence.

08. Cardi B - Like What (Freestyle)

Cardi B rapping on the instrumental for a classic Missy Elliott song: what more could you want? The New York rapper captures the energy of the original perfectly, letting off her signature braggadocious bars through a series of urgent flows. This freestyle has all the makings of a feeling-yourself anthem.

09. Dugong Jr - BURN ft. MALI JO$E

The understated synths of this new Dugong Jr song sound like the dissonant tune of tornados in the distance. They whirl atop smashing drums and a pulsating house tempo ready for any rave around the country. MALI JO$E spits alongside the cyclones, cutting through with a series of sword-sharp frenzies. This one will catch you off guard and beg you for a reload — nice!

010. Yawdoesitall - GOING HOME

Yawdoesitall’s ‘GOING HOME’ is his ode to Ghanaian Independence Day, which just passed on March 6th. The rattling percussion and booming drums take inspiration from Adowa, a Ghanaian traditional dance that is performed throughout a variety of ceremonial events. Yawdoesitall pairs this with blasting 808s and emphatically delivered rap flurries, a polymerisation that speaks to the ambition this prospect constantly displays throughout his music. It’s loud, large in scale, and one soaring display of talent.